Most frequent questions and answers
  • All our programs are conducted in live, virtual environments only. We believe in active learning! 
  • All our batches will have a maximum of 7 students only.
  • Our program’s cornerstones are:
    1. High-quality program content developed by learning scientists and educators. These programs have taken months to put together.
    2. Emphasis on the learning process itself: we follow our signature process which helps children learn with conviction and at their own pace. 
    3. Qualified learning coaches: Our counsellors go through an intensive recruitment process that ensures category knowledge, skill to conduct virtual programs, experience in working with that age-group and have cleared a background check.
    4. We also monitor class quality and feedback, very seriously. You may find our quality team joining a class randomly to ensure the quality of learning that we have promised you. 
  • We create program content that resonates with the age group and is rich in the subject. We work with a panel of educators across North America and Asia who vet the content and test it out before roll-out. This makes it an intensive process! 
  • We will have more courses very shortly. Do sign-up for the newsletter. It’s the best way to stay informed on what’s baking at The Smart Cookies 🙂
  • Yes, please! We love your feedback. Whatever your experience, we want to know. All of our courses have been co-created by parents, educators and learning experts. We would love to get your thoughts. 
  • You can also share your reviews directly on the website. We believe in transparency and community help, so let other parents know how you liked it!
  • Look out for our email!
  • Share your kids details. If you have signed up with more than one child, please share details for all kids. That’s it!
  • We will send you the following reminder emails:
    1. Reminder email a day before the class
    2. Reminder email to join the class 15 minutes before the class
  • We host our classes on Zoom. 
  • Just click on the meeting link sent and join us!
  • If it is within 24 hours of your purchase and more than 2 weeks to the start of the first session, you will be given a full refund or credit voucher for future purchases. Please write to us at support@thesmartcookies.ca
  • There is no refund possible after the program has started.
  • If not, still write in to us and we’ll work with you to find a suitable solution!  
  • Refunds will be processed to the same card through which you made the payment and takes 5-10 business days typically.
  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do it right now. It’s something we are working towards. 
  • If it’s within the first 24hours of signing up, send us an email and we will try our best!
  • You may need to cancel (check cancellation policy) and then sign-up again. 
  • This is our only ask from parents to join the class on time. The meeting link will be live 5 minutes before the class starts. 
  • If for some unavoidable reason, you aren’t able to join in time, you can join up to 10 minutes after the class starts. The Learning coach will help your child catch-up with whatever was missed. 
  • Keeping in mind the class’ interest, we won’t be able to allow anyone later than that.   
  • We recognize the diverse personalities and needs of our young learners. We also understand and believe that each kid has their own learning style, hence we ask you to share your thoughts in the student sign-up form. 
  • Our learning instructors will work with that information during prep and actual delivery of the program. 
  • It’s completely up to you on what you’d like to share. In any case, it’s a small class and we guarantee individual attention.     
  • Our programs also use the “I DO, WE DO, YOU DO” approach to ensure everyone feels excited to try together and individually.   


  • The Smart Cookies is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and we have to comply with local tax laws. 
  • As per the current regulations, HST is applicable for programs that are not primarily for child-care. You can read more here
  • We are based in Toronto but we work with team members from the US and India. Our multi-cultural team ensures that we bring the best of the world to your child. 
  • All of our Learning Coaches are handpicked and undergo intensive training if selected (paid time during training). 
  • We work closely with certain institutions to access the best fit coaches. 
  • We also offer the best in class compensation to our Learning Coaches. 
  • Lastly, all applicants will need to consent to a background verification check if successful. 
  • If you believe you would be a good fit, send us your resume on support@thesmartcookies.ca with a note on why you think you’ll be  a good Learning Coach. 

  • You can email us at support@thesmartcookies.ca. If it’s urgent, please mention in the subject line as URGENT. 
  • You can click on the small icon on the right side of the page. It will open a chat window. We work all seven days. 
    1. Mondays-Friday: 10am-6pm EST
    2. Saturdays:10am-5pm EST
    3. Sundays: 11am-2pm EST
  • You sure can! 
  • For every friend/family you refer, you will get $10off once they complete their first class. 
  • They get $10 off on their first invoice!
  • You can check referrals for more information. 
  • Send us an email with the subject line “BURSARY” and we will look into it. 
  • No, it’s for the full program. 
  • Programs can have anything from 1-5 classes. So be sure to read the additional information tab on the page. 
  • Once you signup for a program, you select a batch which is basically time + start date. 
  • The number of weeks denotes the number of weeks the classes are spread across. You will find all class details under additional information.   
  • Yes! We ensure we get the best talent out there. We like to work with local students. 
  • We also record some of our classes. You will be notified via email. This ensures quality delivery of our programs. 
  • We ensure each instructor goes through an elaborate training program