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A Curious Mind is the Best Teacher!


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Our children will see a future with more change than ever before. Parents and educators and education systems will increasingly focus on equipping children with the ability to learn rapidly and adapt to changing environments rather than teaching them hard skills. 

The Smart Cookies has collaborated extensively with parents and educators across the world to identify themes that will be increasingly relevant to our children’s futures. And we created programs that will spark curiosity, develop foundational knowledge and provide practical experiences. 

Our Foundational Programs are Green Thumb – Composting (Age 6-7) and Smart Money – Money 101 (Age 8 – 10). These lay the foundation for more advanced concepts (coming soon) around the environment and personal finance. 

Other themes currently under development include Might Me and Tickle my Brain. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated with our new programming.


Our Themes.

We believe in keeping our children well-informed about everything critical today and tomorrow.
Smart Money
Green Thumb
Mighty Me

(Coming Soon)

Tickle My Brain

(Coming Soon)

Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller @dropintheocean
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My 8 year son thoroughly enjoyed the money class! He had fun doing them, and I love the life skills he learned. The instructor was awesome and kept his full attention! Thank you so much 😀♥️
Kirty Bhavra
Kirty Bhavra@kirty.wadhwanibhavra
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The money smart program has been a great experience for my 9 Yr old, he has learnt to do quick calcs whilst managing the pot of money. An interesting and engaging program, highly recommended !

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